The Beginning….

After waiting months for the registration process and after one false start of a registration date for new Active E wanna-be Electronauts, the registration process finally opened on January 20, 2012.  Fast forward to February 1st is when I first receive notification from Peter Pan and I have made their Active E list and two days later I receive word that I have a car allocated…I’m excited to hear that.  I finally get a chance to test drive the car and it’s weird to hear…nothing as the car starts!  As for car deliveries, I was told that it would be late March for me so I think, “Good, I have a few more weeks to 1.) get my charger and 2.) pony up the moolah for drive off costs.

Thanks to the Active E Forum, I find support, comfort, and information from former Mini-E pioneers and future Electronauts.  Because of the forum, I was able to apply for a free Coulomb CT500 EV charger courtesy of ChargePoint America that is working with the Department of Energy.   The objective of the program is to accelerate the development and production of electric vehicles to substantially reduce petroleum consumption, reduce greenhouse gas production, and create jobs.  In addition to this nice freebie, the California Energy Commission has a grant up to $1200 for installation of an EV charger.  Sweet…versus the quote that I originally received which was way more.  However I did have to upgrade my service amperage as well as my circuit box which I had to do regardless of which EV charger I went with.  Clean Fuel Connection manages the ChargePoint America program for California applicants and the approved local installer was REJ Electric.